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Course Guide

The golf course at Trethorne Golf Club creates a unique challenge that will not only present a significant test for the single figure player, but also prove an enjoyable experience for the 20 plus handicapper, without losing too many Pro V1′s!

The course has benefited from a significant level of investment during the past five years, including tee refurbishment, drainage of the green surrounds, bunker redevelopment, golf course amenities including bins and ball washers, and new Toro greenkeeping equipment. The 18 holes are set in a spectacular parkland setting with far reaching views of the rolling Cornish countryside and distant views of rural Cornwall. The golf course has been extended in length over the past few years, and now measures a challenging 6375 yards off the championship tees.


Par 4

Hole 1

A dogleg to the right – the more adventurous can take on the corner of the dogleg which will leave you an easier approach to the green. Anywhere right of the flag will leave you with a uphill putt.


Par 4

Hole 2

A short Par 4 requiring a lay up to avoid running out of fairway. It is better to leave yourself with a full shot to create more spin as the green slopes from front to back. Favour the left side of the green as the ball will feed to the right.


Par 5

Hole 3

A downhill par 5 and one of the easier birdie opportunities. Aim down the left side of the fairway and the ball will kick right. It is a narrow green, if you are for it in two it is best to land short and rely on a favourable bounce.


Par 4

Hole 4

An uphill tee shot to a plateau, be careful not to over shoot the fairway. You will be left looking down at the green with water left and gorse right, short iron to the right side of the green.


Par 3

Hole 5

A strong par 3 across the valley. Make sure you club to the middle of the green, be aware of the wind direction, standing on the tee can feel sheltered.


Par 5

Hole 6

A par 5, with a big old oak tree in the centre of the fairway, it is best to stay to right of the tree which gives you a better view of the green which can be hit in two. A decent birdie opportunity.


Par 4

Hole 7

An accurate drive up the hill is essential to make the green with your second. Make sure you take an extra club to allow for the uphill slope which makes it play longer than its yardage. Be aware of the bunker short right of the green.


Par 3

Hole 8

A daunting par 3 over water. Select your club and use the bank at the back of the green. A par 3 on this hole is always a good score.


Par 4

Hole 9

A par 4 with a slight dogleg to the left. A strong tee shot required up the right hand side will give an easier line to the green. A combination of being uphill and the green sloping towards you makes the second shot play further than its yardage suggests.


Par 4

Hole 10

A par 4 from an elevated tee, an inviting tee shot, keep the drive to the right-hand side of the fairway. This is another hole that tends to play longer than it looks, so make sure you club up.


Par 4

Hole 11

A difficult par 4, a straight drive is very important on this hole, do not stray too far right of the marker post, the fairway cuts back in and brings the out of bounds into play. The second shot is downhill and the bank on the right can be used as a good “members’ bounce”!


Par 4

Hole 12

A dogleg right, take care with the drive it is easy to run out fairway on the left, so favour the right side, leaving you a short iron to the green.


Par 3

Hole 13

A picturesque downhill par 3, make sure of the wind direction as it has a habit of swirling at this part of the course. Play for the middle of the green, take your 3 and move on.


Par 5

Hole 14

A challenging drive up the hill for this long par 5 will still leave you looking at a long second and only the longer hitters will get home in two. It is best to keep your second shot up the left side allowing you to hit your approach shot straight up the green.


Par 4

Hole 15

A strong drive is required, the fairway slopes towards the hedge on the left, leaving you blocked out for your second shot so aim for the right side of the fairway as it does tend to open up. Be careful not to over club, there is trouble through the green.


Par 3

Hole 16

A testing par 3, try to keep the ball to the right of the flag this will leave you with an uphill putt. The hole can be sheltered from the wind and once the ball is above the tree line the wind will take effect.


Par 4

Hole 17

A very challenging, long par 4 up hill all the way. Keep your drive up the left side of the fairway which will give you a good line to the green and avoid getting tangled up with the large oak tree on the right. Always take an extra club at this hole due to the upslope, plays longer than its yardage.


Par 4

Hole 18

A short par 4 dogleg left to finish, beware of the out of bounds on the left all the way to the green. The long hitters can cut off the corner, and will reap the rewards with a short second shot. A long green and due to the upslope it is easy to come up short and leave yourself with a lengthy putt.