Golf Tips for Beginners

Trethorne's Golf Tips for Beginners

At Trethorne we welcome everyone from seasoned professional’s to those picking up a club for the very first time. There’s nothing we like more than seeing our members improve and improving their game on our golf course one stroke at a time. Golf can be a tricky sport when first starting out so we’ve put together our top golf tips for beginners.


Aiming – Take a dead aim. If your right handed you might be tempted to aim slightly right in the hope the ball will go that way but remember your swing will likely compensate for poor alignment.


Stance – Your stance should be wide, balance, stable and solid. Build your swing from the ground up.


Posture – Tilt towards the ball at your hips, not at your waist. Bending from the waist will cause your back to bend and make it harder to get a good swing.


Grip – It can take time to get your grip feeling comfy and automatic. Practice getting your grip correct as often as possible, even when your not on the course.


Swing –  On your upswing get your lead shoulder under your chin and finish facing the target. Your downswing should always start with your hips. If you start with your upper body this will likely result in a fault.

correct golf posture

Lofted Clubs – Using a short loft club will encourage better posture and a cleaner strike. Also, as a beginner there is nothing better than a nice high ball flight to boost your confidence.


Golf Wear – Invest in some proper golf gear. We have a great selection onsite at Trethorne, perfect for beginners and professionals. We recommend getting yourself a golf glove to protect your hand as you get used to your clubs.


Tuition – After your first few goes in the driving range you will likely know if golf is for you. If you are looking to take it up as a hobby we recommend taking some tuition and learning the basics from a PGA professional. This way you’ll get the most out of the game and won’t pick up any bad habits. At trethorne we offer tuition with PGA professional Andrew Milton. Or, you can join our golf academy.


If you need further tips we recommend taking a look at the Free Online Golf Tips Website.

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